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Bloxy Roblox Award. The Bloxy Awards (originally called the ROBLOX Film Festival/Hall of Fame also referred to as The Bloxys or simply Bloxys) is an annual event held by Roblox It aims to recognize the artistic creative and social abilities of its playerbase Originally intended for video creators and animators the Bloxys has expanded to officially inclList of BloxysCriticism2013 Hall of Fame 2014 BLOXY Awards 2015 BLOXY Awards 4th Annual Bloxy Awards 5th Annual Bloxy Awards 6th Annual Bloxys 7th Annual Bloxy Awards 8th Annual Bloxy Awards Text under.

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Bloxy Awards! By @MaxCraft_Official Earn this Badge in ????Piggy RolePlay! (English) (Small Update!) Congrats Piggy!.

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The Bloxy is a trophy melee that can be awarded to the players after the game wins a Bloxy Award The Bloxy first appeared in a Tweet made by PlaceRebuilder in 2018 after losing the 5th Annual Bloxy Awards A trophy given to the best of the best One day Roblox decided to do the Annual Bloxy Awards whoever proved that they were the best of the best was given the Bloxy.

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Bloxy Awards coming on 1st March 2022 Bloxy Awards 0 Barreiro1971 2/6/2022 Welcome to 9th Annual Bloxy Awards 0 TroublingHelmet 2/6/2022 Cool ig 0.

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Roblox is a global platform that brings people together through play.

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Roblox occasionally hosts reallife and virtual events They have in the past hosted events such as BloxCon which was a convention for ordinary players on the platform Roblox operates annual Easter egg hunts and also hosts an annual event called the “Bloxy Awards” an awards ceremony which also functions as a fundraiser The 2020 edition.