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Colourtheory Roblox. OverviewRoblox Assault TeamName ChangeColourTheory was a famous Roblox player in the early years of War Clans He became the leader of The Roblox Assault Team in 2009 after a good bit of the group being passed around to different leaders and finally settling on him In 2012 a forum post was created with all his final remarks and can be found here ColourTheory was also one of the main proponents of Audit Logs for groups upon petitioning with Sellethore for it Roblox implemented the feature a few years later Perhaps what ColourTheory is most famous for is what is widely known as “The Golden Age” of the Roblox Assault Team Under ColourTheory&#39s leadership RAT&#39s member count bloomed to tens of thousands of users and became the largest group on Roblox until FEAR surpassed it in 2015 On September 22nd 2012 ColourTheory transferred ownership of RAT to cj10127 due to his lack of time though he would later return for a short period of time RAT remains one of the largest War Clans having around 210 ColourTheory joined Roblox with the name of Donkeyo4 He later wished to change his name although there was no official system for this Apparently due to some sort of misunderstanding with Roblox moderators his account was deleted Eventually he managed to settle things and came to an agreement with the Moderators and was able to change his name to ColourTheory.

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ColourTheory (CT/Donkeyo4) was the leader of RAT during the first RATVAK war as well as the primary enemy of the Vaktovian Empire and Vaktus in 2011 ColourTheory is often shunned by Vaktovians and he still remains to hate them He become quite inactive on roblox for a time thus he decided to give RAT to his second in command cjsaurusrex and so on went a chain of leadership changes.

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ColourTheory is a Roblox user noted for being the former owner of the Roblox Assault Team which currently has over 236K members He was often discussed on the Clans & Guilds forum He also has a small rivalry with WIJ leader SilentSwords and a more serious rivalry with VAK leader Vaktus.

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ColourTheory (previously known as donkeyo4) was one of the most respected renown and reforming leaders of the famous Roblox Assault Team He has led RAT a total of two times succeeding ThePhantonHourGlass&#39s first reign and preceeding his rival cjsaurusrex ColourTheory has been a prime inventor of the current RAT today and it would be a dump without him After leaving and handing the.

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Celeste ICeleste IICeleste IIIFort Celeste I is based off the X101st&#39s Fort Franneh with similar design in the gate and inside The only way that you could get into the fort was either from the gate the VIP teleport or using a jetpack over the gate Inside there was a Leisure room an Armory an Underground Terminal (as of Version 40) several computers reserved for High Ranks a meeting room a prison a private office and the Control Room Within the Armory there is also a VIP containing a jetpack and a Heavy Armor suit (Which was eventually removed due to raiders abusing the armor) There was also an area with several TankLike vehicles and another with Jets and Helicopters (The former being removed because of VIPs abusing them like the Heavy Armor) Geographically Celeste I was originally set in a tropical area until it was moved to a more colder area with snow On the update to “40” Celeste was balanced because raiders saw the fort as unfair There was a hole in the back placed to make the fort f A revamp to the original fort Fort Celeste II keeps some features from the original however it has many others that Celeste I did not have One of the notable differences is the detailed mountainous terrain and the Fort&#39s new design which is Towerlike instead of flat The fort retains some details such as the Armory Prison Private Office the meeting room and Control Room (Which now contains the new terminal) Unlike Celeste I where raiders would go behind the fort and go through the hole raiders would have to take a boat to the Snowmobiles which are used to go down a nearby rank and over the Celeste walls The fort also has new rooms such as a recruitment room medical area the Divisions room (Sometimes known by RAT members as the Hot Tub) and the Sparrow Corp offices Unlike the original Celeste items from VIP will automatically be given to the VIP instead of the VIP having to gain them from a room Because Celeste III is about to be released this fort is now conside Celeste III was the planned third version of the base It was planned in late 2011 but then scrapped in Fall of 2012 The new leader of RAT cj10127 has stated that Celeste III is back under construction The new version will feature the same building used in Celeste II however the interior will be redesigned The fort will receive a new map using the same winter theme as well a new weapons set and other new technologies Celeste III will be the second fort to be released under the RAT development project Spectrum with the first being Borealis As of today Celeste III is scrapped and no further plans have been made to make it.