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How To Make A Roblox Developer Product. A Roblox Developer uses Roblox Studio to create and release games to smartphones tablets desktops consoles and virtual reality devices Roblox Studio is a powerful tool and developers need to learn all the parts they will be using for development The Developer Hub on Roblox provides resources for anyone wishing to publish games to Roblox.

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After insert a script into the ClickDetector and use the code Ok you have to first put a click detector inside your button that you want the player to click Then you need to use marketplaceservice to prompt a product purchase Put a script inside the part that has the clickdetector local MarketPlaceService = gameGetService Feb 06 2022Jun 25 2020Jun 24 2020Aug 26 2019.

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The below example would prompt all new players to buy a developer product with an ID of 123456 MarketplaceServicePromptProductPurchase Expected Output Expand local productId = 123456 gamePlayersPlayerAddedConnect(function(player) GameGetService(“MarketplaceService”)PromptProductPurchase(player productId) end).

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You can prompt a purchase of a developer product and then confirm that a Player have bought it with ProcessReceipt To make the click detection work put the following script in a part local Block = scriptParent local ClickDetector = Instancenew(“ClickDetector”) ClickDetectorParent = Block ClickDetectorMouseClickconnect(function(Player) Stuff end).

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The MarketplaceServiceProcessReceipt callback is called whenever a developer product purchase is completed You should complete all the necessary steps to properly grant the product in the function set to this callback For example local MarketplaceService = gameGetService(“MarketplaceService”) local function processPurchase(purchaseInfo) Logic.

Developer Products In Game Purchases

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Earning Robux Understand the steps to making Robux from games Know the two most common ways of making Robux include game passes and developer products Be able to articulate three ways one can be ethical as they make Robux from games Game developers often give players the chance to purchase special abilities avatar items and even extra.