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Hp Bar 60 Health Roblox. No offsets unless you need stud offset for height above the players head This will keep it from resizing to large when you are away from it I have also included the way to resize the bar you can change this into a tween if you like Example is Billboard size {5 0} {3 0} Background size {095 0} {02 0}.

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Hello my homies and today I show you the history of Roblox’s Health BarMake sure toLikeSubscribe CommentTurn on notifications And shareThanks! I have been.

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Health is found on the HUD of the game A character starts off with a 60 health and it can be restored through Food water and med kits These are the items that restore health sorted from least healing to greatest Mushroom +3 Can of Tuna/Can of Beans/Chocolate Bar +5 HP Granola Bar +8 HP Cooked Chicken Breast +10 HP Small Rations +25 HP Small Medkit +40 HP Large.


About The Health Bar Its a little gui that show the player health and only client “Player” can see it and its animated using TweenService Setting Up The Health Bar The Size and the Position of the Frame in the red border Should Be Like this Enable The Reset on Spawn Property in the Health Gui The Script Put the script in the local script local TW =Apr 25 2020Sep 24 2019Aug 07 2019Mar 14 2019.

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In this Video I will be showing you how to make a Working Health Bar Having trouble with getting it to work Share you problem in the comments Links Crea.