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Roblox Blog Store Creator. You&#39ll notice a new folder there called “Store Creator” Drag the zipped file into this folder and unzip the file Restart ROBLOX Studio.

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As we roll out Layered Clothing over the next several months Roblox developers and UGC creators will be able to incorporate their own layered .

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We have created a place where millions of users creators and developers and complexities such as hosting storage customer support .

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Creators are already exploring the possibilities of Layered Clothing but they&#39re not the only ones When you can customize any avatar from an endless selection .

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This Spotlight is the first of its kind as it focuses on a builder who has founded his own virtual clothing company Kestrel He has not only .

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Bring Your Dynamic Self to The Metaverse with Layered Clothing

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Create anything you can imagine with Roblox&#39s free and immersive creation engine What Our Creators Are Saying Quotation Mark.