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Roblox Ordereddatastore Leaderboard. does anyone know how to create a leaderboard that counts kills https//developerrobloxcom/enus/apireference/class/OrderedDataStore.

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The wins is a numerical value that will have a global leaderboard When saving the data I will of course be using an OrderedDataStore.

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Q:请问roblox里面怎么建空气墙? A 开发者上的就是右上角的那个https//developerrobloxcom/enus/articles/Leaderboards A gamePlayers.

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How would you make a leader board for developer product purchases? save them in an OrderedDataStore if you want a leaderboard for them.

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Hey guys working with ordered datastores Now I understand how to fetch the top ten of an ordered datastore using getsortedasync() but .

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create a sequenced How do I ordered data store leaderboard?

I think it is because ROBLOX has troubles with data stores ATM That&#39s why I switched to DataStore2 on standard data stores If that is the answer to the .