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Roblox Ro Ghoul New Code Rc. Codes for RoGhouls on Roblox Keep checking back because we’ll be updating this post with new codes as they become available! Codes for RoGhouls (Active) The following is a list of all the different codes and what they result in when entered!Code 500MV 500000 RC and 500000 Yen!Code HNY2020 500000 RC and 500000 Yen.

All New Working Yen Rc Codes In Ro Ghoul April 2020 Roblox Youtube roblox ro ghoul new code rc
All New Working Yen Rc Codes In Ro Ghoul April 2020 Roblox Youtube from

I think 1 code is missing but this is still 350k RC lmao!Codes!Code 100K!!Code Sub2Marleus!Code Sub2OrdinaryPotato!Code Sub2Sagee4!Code FirstClassOopsies!Mi.

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Roghoul codes will reward you a ton of free RC and Yens and some masks RoGhoul is a Roblox game inspired by the anime Tokyo Ghoul and created by Sushi Walrus in December 2012 it had more than 500 million visits since then You can join the official group of the game here to get the latest updates about Roghoul and join the discord server of the game to interact with other.

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Summary RoGhoul sometimes has active codes users can redeem to earn onetime rewards Codes are usually released for certain milestones the game achieves or for holidays They are usually found in the Official RoGhoul Discord and are released only by the developer They generally reward Yen or RC Cells though there are exclusive codes that can.

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All New Working Yen Rc Codes In Ro Ghoul April 2020 Roblox Youtube

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How to redeem codes in RoGhoul Once you’ve got the latest working codes you can follow these steps to claim the reward in RoGhoul Launch RoGhoul Press the / (slash) key to open the chat box Type or paste the code and press Enter Usually if the code is valid you will see a dialog speech bubble (Mask code might have different results).